Maritime Industry and Maintenance Branch

It is one of the new branches within the company's activities with the aim of localizing the maritime industry and working on implementing projects for maritime units maintenance localy. Work began with it mainly as a project to build two tugboats locally, then it developed into an independent company related to the transportation sector.

On 1-1-2021, joined to the Libyan Ports Company to become one of its subsidiaries, and to aimed at enhancing local maritime maintenance, expanding in this field, benefiting from local expertise and supporting specialized technical competencies.

The branch's headquarters is located in the city of Misrata, near the of Qasr Ahmed area, and includes the following facilities:

The hoist has the following features:

- Maximum payload: 5400 tons

- Length: 130 meters

- Width: 25 meters

- Design depth: 11.4 meters

- Depth of submersible: 7.5 meters

- Number of lifting motors: 32 synchronous motors

Side transport podium: for transporting and distributing maritime parts to maintenance stations and includes the following specifications:

- Length: 115 meters

- Width: 11.4 meters

- Movement speed: 1-2 meters per minute.

Traction vehicle: This is for pulling and pushing the maritime units to /from the lifting basin and the transverse transport vehicle, which has the following specifications:

- Traction force: 1200 tons

- Traction speed: 2 meters per minute.

3 maintenance podiums for the maintenance of maritime parts equipped with the necessary capabilities of electricity, compressed water and air, and various mechanisms.

Complete central warehouse and workshop

Complete administrative building

Implemented Work in the branch:

- Sweeping and cleaning sheet metal and tubes of all types and sizes

- Maritime building works

- Painting works of all kinds and purposes

- Metal fabrication and forming works

- Cathodic protection works for all purposes, including pipes and tanks

- Docking and maintenance of ship hulls and maritime vessels

- Manufacture of pipes of various sizes and diameters and tanks for industrial use.

- Carry out mechanical and electrical maintenance for engines and equipment of all kinds.

- Maintenance of maritime lighthouses and navigational and guiding signs.

- Maintenance of rubber and wooden fenders for docks.

• The number of maritime units that have been maintained in this branch since the beginning of its establishment are (953) units of various shapes and sizes, some of which were maintained on the branch's maintenance dock.

• The number of maritime vessels that have been docked and maintained in this branch since the beginning of its establishment reached (1100) vessels of various shapes and sizes.

• The number of maritime units that were built for the Libyan Ports Company reached (7) units, in cooperation with the Dutch company Damen..