Tripoli Port





13.13 E

32.5 N

Tripoli Port is located in the city of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, on the Mediterranean coast. It is the largest Libyan port in transactions, and it has a well-developed terminal for passenger services. The total area of the port is 6,131,205 square meters. It has been managed and provided with services since 1986 by the Libyan Ports Company, which manages all Libyan commercial ports.

The port has 27 berths, including 18 berths for all kinds of goods, 5 berths for ro-ro vessels (10-11-12-13-14), and three berths for services. And a special berth for the floating dock. The annual capacity of the port is 4,500,000 million tons per shift.

The first lighthouse was established in Tripoli Port in 1880.

The previous lighthouse before the current lighthouse was built between 1924 and 1926 and was destroyed during the Second World War in 1943.

The current lighthouse is 116 feet above sea level, and operates at night by a 220-volt electrical system and equipped with a 1000-watt lamp and a range of illumination up to 16 nautical miles.. The lighthouse operates every ten seconds with three orange light signals in order to help all vessels at night, the lighthouse has black and white bars to show the location of the Tripoli seaport during the day and the lighting at night.

Port Features:

Total area 6,131,205 square meters

Water area 5,460,000 square meters

Floor area 671,205 square meters

Designed capacity (4,500,000 million tons per shift) the port's first phase.

Goods: (unspecified direct delivery). Approx. 8 million tons.

Containers (500,000 thousand TEUs) the first phase of the port.

The largest ship that can be received (its tonnage does not exceed 40 thousand tons and its draft does not exceed 11 meters and the length corresponds to the space for maneuvering the ship).

Work hours:

24 hour casting goods of all kinds, direct delivery.

General goods 12 hour direct delivery.

Navigational features:

The length of the corridor is 2.5 nautical miles, with a width of 250 meters, and the minimum depth of the corridor is 12 meters.

The width of the port entrance is 200 meters.

Piloting and towing (required for all ships).

- The sea floor in the waiting area is sandy, its depth is 25 meters (the hook).

- Coordinates of the hook area: between longitude 13.11.7 and longitude 13.09.8 east. And between 32.56.5 latitude and 32.55.5 north latitude.

Berths features:

Berths typeQtyBerths no.LenghtDraught
RO-RO1637.70 m88.5
General16E68.60 m88.5
General  + Cargo37-8-9351 m89
General + Silos315-16-17455 m910
General + Silos218-19210 m1011
General + Silos320-21-22454 m1111.5
General123126 m1111.5
Silos + Cargo424-25-26-27504 m1111.5
General12890 m1111.5
229-30270 m111.5
General1Al Sheaab540 m6.58