Ras Lanuf Port





18.36 E

31.30 N

Ras Lanuf port is a commercial oil port and it's located in the middle of the Libyan coast and in the middle of the north of the African continent.

There are space in the port to meet the future needs for the development of services in the port.

The port is located between many industrial and oil companies working in petrochemicals field , which will increase the rate of ship traffic..

Port features:

The total area (435 hectares).

Water area (400 hectares).

The floor area (200,000 m2).

Design capacity (absorptive).

The largest ship that can be received (3 thousand tons).

Working hours:

(24 hours a day).

Navigational features:

The pass is 1.3 nautical miles long, 188 meters wide and 15.50 meters deep.

Turning circle (500m in diameter and 13m in depth).

Approach area (the main breakwater of 3000 m to protect the port from the northwest winds, the secondary breakwater of 2700 m).

Pilotage (compulsory for all ships).

Towing (mandatory for all ships).

Berths features:

Berth typeQtyBerth NoLengthDraft
General cargos11-2-3672 m9.513