Zwara Port





12.07.297 E

23.55.442 N

The port is located in the city of Zwara in western Libya, near the western borders of Libya and 110 km from the capital, Tripoli. It is characterized by a natural barrier that provides good protection for the port basin.

The port has large land areas that provide the opportunity for a future development.

Port features:

Total area 334,340,015 square meters

Water area 500.000 square meters

Floor area 284,340,015 square meters

Design capacity (capacity) (one million tons per shift)

For merchandise: general merchandise.

For containers: none

The largest ship that can be received (3 thousand tons).

Working hours:

12 hours a day

Navigational features:

The corridor is 150 nautical miles long and 100 meters wide.

The turning circle (150 meters in diameter and 5 meters in depth).

Pilotage (compulsory for all ships).

Towing (obligatory for all ships).

Berths features:

Berth typeQtyBerth No.LenghtDraft
General cargos11+2120 m4.24.5