Benghazi Port





20.03 E

07.32 N

The port (the old port and the inner port) is located on the northern outskirts of the city, bounded on the eastern side by the Corniche, at latitude (10.6 07 32 N) and longitude (19.3 03 20 E), and bounded on the western side by the Corniche, at latitude (4 07 32 N) ) and longitude (20 03 19 E), and it is bounded on the south by the Corniche Road.

The port is divided into two parts:

The main port (the old port and the inner port) has a total area of 15 hectares. It is generally used to store goods and containers before moved to the main container storage area (Ganfouda).

The old port has three berths (1-2-3), with total length of 910 meters, with a draft of 8.5 meters, there is also an oil berth with a length of 200 meters and a draft of 11.5 meters. It contains a covered general goods warehouse with 3450 square meters. And a Duties warehouse of 1340 square meters.

The inner port has three berths (4 - 5 - 6) with a total length of 340 meters, and drafts between 4.50 and 6.50 meters, also there are 3 berths for services (7 - 8 - 9) with a total length of 375 meters, and a draft of 6.50 meters.

The new port (under construction) is located at the west of main port with a water separator within 300 meters. It has nine berths (10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18) with a total length of 2770 meters, its draft ranges between 8 To 12 meters, with open storage yards of more than 105 hectares (under construction), and the currently used berths are (15 -16 -17) with a length of 1070 meters.

Also there is a storage area (Qanfouda), which is the main storage for storing containers and hazardous materials, with 36 hectares, with a capacity of 16000 TEUs. It is located at the southwest of the port along the coast with distance of 9 km.

Port Features:

Total area 300 hectares

Water area 170 hectares

Land area 130 hectares

Design capacity (absorptive): 7,000.000 million tons.

General cargo 2,000,000 million tons.

Dry casting 1,200,000 million tons.

Liquid casting 2,500,000 million tons.

Goods .......1,300,000 million tons.

For containers (120,000 TEU).

The largest ship that can be received (36,000 tons).

Working hours:

24 hours (shifts)

Navigational Features:

The navigational passage is 2000 meters long, 220 meters wide and 13.50 meters deep.

Turning circle (200 m in diameter and 12.50 m in depth).

Approach area:

The northern breakwater with a length of 2,800 meters starting from the old port, and the western breakwater with a length of 2,100 meters starting from the fishing port, which consist of stacks of stepped stones protected by pre-cast concrete (tripod) blocks, where the width of the entrance is at the water level 220 meters and at the bottom 180 meters and a depth of 13.50 meters, and the entry channel is confined between the two barriers and is indicated by navigational signs and green and red lights with the following coordinates:

Green Lighting (E 08 02 20 - N 55 06 32)

Red Light (E 00 14 20 - N 58 06 32)

Pilotage: Mandatory for all ships with a net tonnage of more than 100 tons.

Diameter: (mandatory).

Berths Features:

Berths TypeQtyBerth's No.LenghtDrafts
Services61-2-3-4-5-61112 m4.58.5
General41-2-3-151400 m8.512
Liquid casting1Oil8.5 m-11.5
Dry casting215-16670 m-12
RO-RO13320 m-8.5