Khomos Port





15.5 E

41.32 N

Khomos port is located in northwest Libya, 2.5 km west of Khomos city and 120 km east of Tripoli (the capital). It is one of the major ports in Libya because it has several advantages in terms of location, storage yards and the ability to expand, also it has great depth and the length of its berths.

Khomos port has a rocky and natural bottom, which reduces backfilling in the basin and the navigational passage. It is also has suitable natural depths. Ease of connection with the coastal highway (Khomos - Tripoli) Commencement of railroad construction from the port to the nearing areas and linking it to the railway network, which facilitates the process of transporting goods and foreign trade.

The port also is close to the Iron and Steel Complex in Misurata, and the cement factories in Khomos, which reduce the cost of transporting goods. It is also close to the ancient city of Leptis Magna and Villa Selin, which supports the port on the tourist side.

Port Features:

Total area 249 hectares

Water area 102 hectares

The floor area 147 hectares

Design capacity (absorptive) (1 million tons annually).

General cargo: 35,000 tons.

Liquid cargo: 100,000 tons.

Unpacked cargo: 450,000 tons.

Chilled, frozen or sanitary goods: 35,000 tons.

Cars and vehicles: 10,000 cars or vehicles.

Passengers: The possibility of receiving passengers.

Containers: (350,000 TEUs) subject to expansion after expansion.

The largest ship that can be received (tonnage of 35,000 tons with a draft of 11 meters)

Working hours:

(24 hours).

Navigational features:

The corridor is 1 nautical mile long, 250 meters wide, and 14-20 meters deep.

Turning circle (500m in diameter and 13m in depth).

Approach area (directly from the sea).

Pilotage (compulsory for all ships).

Towing (mandatory for all ships).

Berths features:

Berth TypeQtyBerths NoLengthDraught
Containers17-14-15-16-171330 m1011
General cargos18-9-10-11-12-181135 m712
Services113-20275 m1012
Silos119150 m1313