Brega Port





19,35 E

30,25 N

Brega port is located in the southeastern part of Sirte Gulf, about 80 km west of Ajdabiya, and about 800 km east of Tripoli. And near to the site (industrial complex) of the Sirte Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company.

One of the most important features of the port’s location is its proximity to the oil fields, as well as its proximity to the coastal road that connects the coastal cities to each other, and which passes through it most country’s trade traffic, which provided the opportunity to create a population group in the Brega.

Port Features:

Total area (8,591,000 m2).

Water area (992,000 m2).

Floor area (7,599,000 m2).

Design capacity (absorptive):

For Cargo: General cargo 175,033 tons.

For containers: (1901 TEU).

The largest ship that can be received (10 thousand tons).

Working hours:

(10 hours per day).

Navigational features:

The length of the navigational passage is 500 metres.

The approach area (the eastern barrier is about 1280 meters long and the western barrier is about 680 meters).

Pilotage (compulsory for all ships).

Towing (mandatory for all ships).

Berths Features:

Berth typeQtyBerths NoLengthDraught
General cargos11332 m1111
General cargos12195 m99