Darna Port





40.22 E

45.32 N

Port of Derna is one of the ancient and strategic ports in Libya, it was a rocky head called (Ras Al Matarees) with a sandy crescent that includes the bridge area with a small wooden pier until the year 1912, and upon the arrival of the Italian colonization, where the construction of the first armed berth was started in the port in order to load and unload machinery and equipment And other goods, and in 1966 the Danish company arrived, which maintained, expanded and deepened the berth to receive larger ships, and then a contract was made with the Canal Company (Egyptian company) to expand and develop the berth and establish a maintenance workshop and warehouse for storing goods and an administrative building consisting of two floors (currently the customs building), and in1982, the Hyundai Company (Korean company) implemented the second phase by constructing the port basin, building berths, warehouses and facilities, and in 1986 it was operated by the Libyan Ports Company, which undertook the development and operation of the port until now.

Port features:

The total area (about 5 hectares).

The water area of the port (200 meters).

The floor area (30,000 square metres).

Design capacity (absorptive) (one million tons annually).

The largest ship that can be received (140 meters long).

Working hours:

From 7 am to 10 pm

Navigational features:

The length of the navigational passage is about half a nautical mile, the width of the entrance to the port is 60 meters, and draft between 7-8 meters.

Turning circle (200m in diameter and 9m deep).

Approach area (the main breakwater, which is concrete cubes, its length is 750 meters, as well as the secondary breakwater, which is concrete cubes and natural stones, its length is 350 meters).

Pilotage (compulsory for all ships).

Towing (mandatory in case of ship height and wind speed increase).

Berths features:

Berth typeQtyBerth No.LengthDraft
General Cargos11-2-3565 m89
Containers14170 m89
Services1590 m89
Direct1670 m89
Silo17170 m89
Coastguard1870 m89